SCC Investors

Rockall Marketing worked in conjunction with SCC Investors to create packages of foreign investment in 3 UK Conference centre venues in Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire.


During the financial downturn of the last few years and, of course, Brexit this was always going to be tough, as these investors were unsure of property values outside of the buoyant London market.

However, with discreet direct  mail and layered communications in 16 languages and via trusted high-end London estate agents we achieved 100% take up in the scheme raising over £48m in lease contracts.

These venues are now all fully operational and a website with URN allows the investor body in China, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE to view remotely activities at the venues.

This provides the comfort that their 10 year involvement will require.




07592 109 626

01462 435 939 or 01462 236 193

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