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We were charged with adding authenticity to RMG marketing efforts. Our initial strategy was to enrol celebrity ambassadors who would become advocates of RMG developments, relevant to their lifestyles and those of symbiotic target markets.


Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Geoff Hurst, Kim Wilde, Tony Underwood were recruited  to represent diverse objectives and lifestyle: retiring, second homing, holidaying or re-locating. Could a home in and around Marbella and Seville be desirable, affordable, practical,  a potential nirvana?


The premise being that if it is good enough for a Knight of the Realm it is good enough for you!


We staged many exhibitions in the UK with these ambassadors in attendance, presenting diverse off-plan projects from apartments, townhouses and villas, front line golf or beach based, premium priced or budget.


Teams were focussed on lead generation and qualifying tours, leads were attained from SEO, Google PPC, recommend a friend and highly incentivised channel partners. In the halcyon days of 2002/3 we would tour 30 people a day and 85% bought at least one. 




Abi Phillips star of Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks needed help raising her profile to support her diversion into a career in music and in support of her charity work.


We created her website and blog, to trend her thoughts and those of celebrity friends about; music, fashion, venues... to over 40,000 passionate followers.


Additionally, we helped promote her concerts, podcasts, pa's, acting roles, schools tours and record sales. 



The entire Peugeot dealership sales force, about 800 pax, were invited to a day of overcoming adversity.
Darkworld a derelict 13th century Cistercian abbey; teams would have to work together to devise strategies and survive dystopian rooms from hell.
Rooms that would fill with water, contain Sumo wrestlers or chainsaw wielding maniacs, using production techniques as good as any televised programme. This journey of disbelief brought the best or worst out in them.
Post event analysis showed an 86% approval rating with places keenly fought for the next  … Fear Factory.




A more hedonistic campaign for Orange Resellers, which offered a range of incentives for their retail sales and support staff to push certain tactical and strategic sales targets. At the highest level this would enable a branch manager to qualify for the exclusive use of Richard Branson’s Necker Island 74 acres in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda, the entire island a fantasy resort for select guests.



IBM key staff  witnessed their equipment in the field, those who hit KPi'S earned a trip to New York care of the NYPD where they would work in the 911 Call Centre, all IBM driven, they were issued a stab jacket and allowed out in the black and white cruisers to attend whichever incidents were called in. Most came back shaken, but were glad of this frame of reference, the experience gave them perspective an apocryphal memory and great after dinner tale.



Working for Volkswagen 5th Brand (Parts & Accessories VW-Audi-Skoda-Seat) and in conjunction with the Wildlife Heritage Foundation we enabled qualified Parts and Service Managers to be involved in an altruistic campaign. This involved the rescue, recuperation, rehabilitation and release of endangered big cats. VW would fund such animals to be taken from private exhibits, circus acts, other zoos, to be transported to the WHF centre in Kent where they would be returned to their prime and in some cases, where applicable, returned to the wild. Winners would stay at lodges in the Kent centre working with zoologists and vets, and the ultimate winners would accompany them on their journeys and release back to the wild.



BE SURE - BE SAFE - BP Campaign : Key to this programme was to research the mindset within target groups. The BP distribution force, which numbered about 600 drivers, which had an inordinately high RTA, LTA and absenteeism ratio. They were bored of the rigours of high-handed management more inclined to draconian actions against them

- Well Driven etc...


We devised a campaign which allowed drivers to earn points, which made prizes, for constant attendance and accumulated days without incident. The net effect was a staggering 96.5% reduction in RTA/LTAs from 1,600 to 56, it saved BP in excess of £13m in the first operational year of the campaign, with costs including all fulfilment of just over £600k.



Working 'in-house'  we helped  implement a strategy of securing the best rights within Football, Film & Fashion our role, to help gain the best assets, benevolent associated with the brand, at the best rate with the most exposure.



An online promotion to build awareness and ticket sales for Helen Lederer's forthcoming comedy tour and new TV format syndication.





The establishment of the Premier League had taken football to another level in commercial terms and the days of parochial sponsorship over. Working directly with enlightened Chairman and Commercial Directors such as Ken Bates (Chelsea), David Dein (Arsenal), Robert Chase (Norwich), Danny McGregor (Manchester United), Keith Wiseman (Southampton), Doug Ellis

(Aston Villa)...


We helped realise untapped potential


We produced unique commercial audits of their club’s prime assets in terms of sponsorship, affinity, CRM, advertising, facilities, merchandising and so on. In most cases the uplift in revenue was exponential with brands happy to pay, as football, post Hillsborough, Heysal and hooliganism had cleaned up its act.


Not only shirt sponsorship or kit manufacture, but also, creating corporate facilities with dry hire of the venue for alternative events. 



This campaign involved all 2,220 Barclays counter staff. It involved a full education and motivation programme aimed at improving product knowledge, cross-selling and recognition at branch and regional levels. A huge range of rewards would be redeemed for incremental and exponential improvements, at a time when the Banks were enduring low customer ratings during the recession.



Obsidian Retreat is one of the top twenty health retreats in the world, as voted by The Times Newspaper, for weight loss, diabetes reversal and overall wellbeing. We produced a series of vox pop video case studies which documented the before, during and after treatments of guests at the retreat in Benissa, Spain. In each the results were astonishing with weight loss averaging at least 1lb per day and a good time had by all. 



The UK launch of Castlemaine XXXX (Elders), in conjunction with Saatchis. David Bailey devised a fantastic series of TV adverts and we were to piggy back a series of Australian touring activities: rugby league, rugby union, Australian rules, cricket… each involving on pack promotions, in store point of sale, event sampling, celebrity seeding, on/off trade sales promotional campaigns.


The results of this enabled the brand to become market leader within two years of first listings.  



A range of brochures covering the launch of new models during the height of the brand's infamy during the excesses of the Thatcher years.






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