SI was founded by Barak Seener – an associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) with his team of experts consisting of policy analysts and economists.


We helped establish the SI conferences and consultancy division, this offers multi-national corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, law firms and private individuals the most expansive proprietary information and insights into the economic realities and opportunities that exist in the Middle East.


We provided the SI teams the tools to monitor political, economic, social, and thematic security developments and their impact on various industries. Also the means to examine cross-border issues such as trade, energy, commodities, financial regulation, climate change and global health. Geopolitics allows clients to place an event or action within a larger analytical framework so that we can determine its potential significance, as well as identify connections among seemingly disparate trends.

Rockall helps SI stage conferences and forums, promotes  membership to a community of like-minded individuals and corporations while offering detailed and accurate reports and consultancy services which navigate risk mitigation. All communications are framed by governance and regulatory compliance and importantly are supported by an ideology of sustainability.


The programmes involved all aspects of business planning, ancillary income streams, collaborations, sponsorship and partnerships. Core was the website, SMO, SEO, analytics, ppc, alongside media relations and awareness programmes for this new company launched/ branded by our new corporate identity designs in 2013.



Produced in conjunction with Red Carpet Communications


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