In 2012, 20% of 18-year-olds who left school with A-Levels were unemployed, 25% of students who graduated in 2011 were also unemployed. In the majority of grammar, top state or public schools, 95% of students plan to go to university, but, 85% of the students surveyed had given no consideration to their career post-university.


The current cost of youth unemployment to the exchequer is £5.3 billion per year, the productivity loss to the economy, often calculated as the wage foregone to measure the output lost, is £10.7 billion. 30% of graduates in sales role leave within three months.


AOS was founded as an organisation dedicated to improving the employment prospects of young people by launching their career in sales. AOS enables a new generation of trained, highly-skilled, and motivated salespeople ready to rejuvenate the UK economy - sales careers, open to anyone with enough passion and enthusiasm, especially those with a persuasive flair.


AOS graduates are: academically recognised, and have the essential commodity for any organisation, not only, reducing the risk of losing new employees but also reducing recruitment costs.


We devised & implemented a marketing campaign targetting 4 key sectors:  Commerce    Education    Parents    Pupils


Utilsing a mix of corporate PR & marketing initiatives. 

Focused, initially, on the website, landing portals, links and collateral material and then an immersion programme; via evocative and empathetic direct mail, eshots, digital (SEO.SMO), podcasts, the message...


AOS - best in class, most efficient, effective and … fun









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