A premier period property developer, LW Developments construct regency style estates from £6 - £10m: setting pricing ceilings within the Home Counties.


Devised a strategy to compete against incumbent estate agents, for whom LW would offer support but controlled direct sales as an alternative route to market.


Utilised a realistic, deliverable and targeted sales strategy – selling to prospects who believed LW properties to be ‘value’ – ie downsizing out of central London or affluent foreign buyers tempted by the heritage of the homes, but with none of the problems of a 200 year old house!


Key was the immersion of prospects in the best off-line experience and then the delivery of the ultimate; bespoke, virtual then actual tours. Additionally, utilising great PR, strategic national advertising, hoardings, website SEOs, Eshots and print to best effect.


Advocacy programme deployed targetted SMO - Twitter campaign which centered on a PLU policy of 'new money' celebrity buyers.


Set against the background of purportedly a tough property market with no buyers, the company's entire inventory in 2010-2012 sold.


We generated all the copy, photography, videography, renders, cycloramas, designed and produced:  corporate identity, hoardings,  advertising (heavies), brochures, & website and controlled liaison with LW prospects and managing agents.



Produced in conjunction with KGK Group



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