A joint promotion for 2 major brands with fulfilment at 100 BIAZA zoological gardens and attractions and 300 cinemas. Sony promoting their movie Zookeeper, Tesco their Goodness range (80 lines) all aimed at children enjoying their ‘5 a day’ and zoos boosting footfall.


This campaign exceeded redemption expectations in summer and was the biggest ever for BIAZA.


70% of the Tesco Goodness range is child centric and their licence deal with Disney cost 2.5% commission per product without demonstrable/empirical data to support the value in terms of sales.


This promotion provided the Tesco Goodness range with an evocative, and empathetic promotion to coincide with its re-launch at ZSL in Regents Park. The in-store roll out planned to coincide with the general release of film The Zookeeper.


The campaign also increased general awareness of the range, not only in-store, but also,  across 100+ key BIAZA attractions across the UK,  a potential monthly audience of 8 million, gaining reflection within Odeon and Cineworld Multiplex estates. BIAZA members total over 100, and offered UK coverage. The footfall during the period of this promotion was circa 8 million pcm, they also conducted teaser campaigns for the subsequent DVD promotion.


Promotional materials/activities  including: children’s activities, potential sampling and local press, SMO, websites, CRMs and newsletters. We gathered participant data via a dedicated website to enable ‘motivated’ Goodness consumers to win further prizes and/or redeem and print vouchers for all customers who meet criteria.


Aligning with Tesco provided Sony Pictures with circa 2,500 UK stores running in-store promotions containing messages and decals from the movie, a potential weekly audience of 10s of millions. Aligning with BIAZA affords Sony 8 million monthly visitors to UK zoos and thus provides a test case of broad based TTL activity versus the normal heavy and non-quantifiable ABTL spend.


Generated exponential increases in footfall via a BOGOF mechanism, which fully self-liquidated via per capita spend and cross/up selling.  This activity initially teased pre-release/launch, re-enforced during the first quarter’s activity and then forward promoted DVD sell through/merchandise spin offs and further film franchise. 


BIAZA retained overall database control for forthcoming centrally driven, non-competitive promotions into 2012/13 and as such were ideally positioned to deliver further wholesome campaigns aligned with the core values of Tesco and Sony Pictures.



Produced in conjunction with Sussed



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